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Mārtiņš Ķibilds created the project “Keys” in order for us to use keys ourselves and teach the value of history to the next generations. Therefore, it is so important that the new book “Atslēgas. Keys. Treasures of Latvia’s 100 years’ history” is used as a modern tool in education to unlock the doors to exciting events of Latvia's history to be seen from an unusual perspective.

We want this book to be a source of inspiration that supplements existing learning materials and encourages learners to take interest in and speak about the history and its causations.

Therefore, we invite you to purchase the book and donate it on the occasion of National Independence Day to any of the schools in Latvia, e.g. the school which you attended, or which is attended by your children.

The donation to the school will be supplemented by the Teacher’s Booklet which contains samples of study plans and certain exercises regarding the topics discussed in “Keys” to be used by history teachers.

Thanks to “DPD Latvia” supporting this cause, the deliveries are free of charge.

If a sufficient number of books has been received at your selected school, your donation will go to another school.